Corporate Social Responsibility

ArrowFM is a Supply Nation certified provider of facilities management services. We are a local SME who has Indigenous ownership and works nationally across Australia. We were one of the first Supply Nation businesses to have a Reconciliation Action Plan and not only have policies committing to utilising SN businesses, but over 14% of our employees are Indigenous people. ArrowFM has proven its ability to utilise Indigenous companies within its supply chain on several major projects.

ArrowFM has developed our Reconciliation Action Plan with assistance from Reconciliation Australia and the local Indigenous community. Our RAP aims to build relationships within the Australian indigenous community, show respect to the local indigenous people and their land on whom we live and work, and improve opportunities for Indigenous people to find meaningful work. Our vision is to create a strong, supportive, culturally aware community involving all Australians that increases opportunities for Indigenous people. We are the third Supply Nation business to have a RAP. Our RAP is attachment 15.

Approximately 14% of our suppliers/subcontractors are Supply Nation certified. We support our team to attend cultural and community events such as the National Indigenous Cricket Championships, which are held in Alice Springs each year.

Although we are only a new company, we have already supported the following charities:


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