Our Partner

Our Partner

While understanding a gap in the market place, Arrow FM needed to be able to partner with some of the best suppliers/providers available with national exposure. Djali approached his cousin Brendan Read, from Affinity Electrical Technologies (AET), which has resulted in a strategic partnership with AET. AET have a proven record over their 15 year existence of quality, safety and honesty, values which are at the core of ArrowFMs existence today.

We will always choose to partner with good quality business. This partnership will allow AET to provide not only electrical services but also assist in the back of house operation to support our fledgling business. Services such as administration, support, job entry and tracking will support us as well as the potential use for electrical services when the opportunity arises.

Strategically partnering with a medium sized business that can assist with the management and outsourcing of subcontractors is pivotal to how the ArrowFM model works. This allows us to leverage strong support with a proven track record of delivering on projects & maintenance.

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