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Our projects

From WiFi upgrades at Parliament House to coordinating all trades for the Australian Tax Office fit-out, ArrowFM is highly experienced in delivering projects on time and on budget.

National Portrait Gallery renovations

During the second stage of renovations at the National Portrait Gallery (started in April 2019), ArrowFM was awarded the electrical services. The timeframe for renovations was tight, with numerous design, product and access considerations.

ArrowFM worked closely with Rudds Consulting Design and Integrated Space to understand the design intent for the lighting, which was expected to last for the next 20 years. The lighting system required a significant upgrade, with new colour-changing LED lights required to be installed above new waterproof membranes. While the lighting for the forecourt was under construction, ArrowFM prepared the area, ensuring no time would be wasted when the lights arrived.

Internally, a significant waterproofing upgrade required ArrowFM to work with the waterproofing subcontractor to plug any areas to stop any water egress that had been present in the gallery in the past. Through ongoing collaboration and precise workmanship, ArrowFM delivered a professional result on behalf of the National Portrait Gallery and Complex Co.

National Gallery of Australia James Fairfax Theatre upgrade

ArrowFM won a competitive tender process to undertake the electrical and communications component of the upgrade to the Gallery’s theatre. This involved supplying and installing high-end light fittings worthy of being in such a high-profile space while still keeping the heritage aspect of the existing space.

The end product is a spectacular space which will be utilised by the staff at NGA as well as hosting world-class exhibitions for the public.

City Walk lighting

ArrowFM provided early engagement electrical design to assist Rorks Projects with a D&C project they had been awarded in the middle of Canberra at City Walk. The electrical package for these works were seen as high risk by the City Renewal Authority so early engagement with an experienced contractor was essential to Rorks delivering on this project.

The design intent was to make the area more like a suburban household backyard. This meant lights had to be packed to the millimetre inside the travertine tiles or hardwood flooring, requiring precision and attention to detail.

In support of the new design – which included garden beds, lawns, plants, pavement, and outdoor furniture – ArrowFM was asked to work with Brendon Newham from BSE as the space has street lighting that had led to the space feeling cold and lifeless at night. The project had an extremely tight timeframe so ArrowFM worked with BSE to find suppliers who could deliver on the design whilst keeping the intent of the backyard feel. ArrowFM found suitable light fittings, switchboard suppliers and Dali programmers, and found solutions like installing lighting with a wireless interface to control the lighting for optimum effect.

Up-lighting was installed for the raised garden beds to highlight the foliage, while the seating areas were all given ‘mood lighting’ with warm white strips to enhance the overall feel of the welcoming new space. The strips were installed into form work and steel garden beds with some of the longest strips being 25 metres in concrete form.

The ArrowFM team worked tirelessly to deliver this important project within a tight timeframe and budget during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fore Group – bars and restaurants

ArrowFM has been working with Fore Group on a number of smaller boutique bars and restaurants across Canberra. All of the projects have been a design and construct package, which requires early input from all stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page to achieve the desired result at the end of the job.

These types of jobs can be difficult due to regular design changes. ArrowFM has kept up with the changes and delivered a high-end finish for each project.

ArrowFM has provided works for:

  • Mu Omakase + Cicada Bar
  • Lilotang Barton
  • Alby Bar
  • Chairman & Yip

We look forward to helping deliver more successful projects in the future.

Canberra Centre security camera upgrade for PMT Security

ArrowFM was asked to provide pricing to PMT Security for the upgrade of the security camera network throughout the Canberra Centre. This involved approximately 38 km of cabling to integrate over 500 new cameras into the existing network.

Due to the Canberra Centre remaining fully operational for the duration of the project, a lot of the work was required to be done after hours. Our team worked through the night a lot of the time, which shows the dedication to the project and ensuring customers and shops alike are safe no matter where they are throughout the Centre.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission video conferencing upgrade

ArrowFM facilitated the upgrade of meeting room video conferencing (VC) around Australia for ACCC offices in Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville and Canberra.

This involved removing the existing infrastructure and replacing it with new Crestron kit. We also troubleshooted issues with the system if it did not operate as desired. We were asked to provide televisions for the Canberra office which we were able to provide at short notice.

This work was carried out around COVID-19 lockdowns with the requirement for a reliable VC system essential to being able to communicate ‘face to face’ during this uncertain time.

Department of Parliamentary Services camera system

Through ArrowFM’s previous work at Parliament House, we were asked to supply security cameras and miscellaneous items to upgrade the existing camera system. Through our contacts we were able to provide pricing which was significantly cheaper than the end client was able to obtain. We were also able to supply the cameras at short notice and enable the smooth rollout of the new cameras.

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